Closed Shop at Port

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Sorry We're closed

by Rick Nieuwenhoven


Topical discuss is abound with Port not opening up the cellar doors to the media over the Jarman Impey incident. Is there a shift in the Port media landscape? Once upon a time the club would try and be everything to the media however this time it’s a closed shop!

Arguments are the supporters want to hear from the club on stations such as AA? Do we? The club has made its announcement, Impey has publicly apologised, the club is releasing statements, its the offseason.

Personally I feel we don’t need to hear anymore. We know the club will get bash by some of these radio sources regardless so let’s not give it oxygen. Let them have their diartribe but as we know with modern media the next storm will take over from this old news.

What’s interesting is the club not buckling like it once would to these outlets. Is the landscape shifting? Is the club through its actions demanding more respect? I for one as a supporter am happy for the closed shop and silent treatment, let’s not add fuel to the trolling pro crow media.

Let’s concentrate on the good things, China expansion keeps pushing with a new sales role being formed, minimal injured players, Amon tearing up the track and not long before Port Fan Radio is back.

Have a great holiday period everyone.


One Response to "Closed Shop at Port"
  1. Elaine Mular says:

    100% agree. Give them nothing Port.

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