Let’s not paper over the cracks!

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Paper over cracks

Who was disappointed with our first pre season game? I was and it’s not because we lost. Pre season games aren’t about winning and losing it’s about trialling new and old players plus new game plans.

What did we find out? Without singling players, we found out there is no new game plan. We still suffered slow ball movement. The players continued to bomb it long inside 50 to out numbered contests. The opposition was working harder to get numbers around the contest and back into defence.

In the centre square and around the stoppages when the players were fresh our structures were ineffectual and our clearances were deficient. Our much highlighted fitness program didn’t seem the make difference.

More glaring a concern is our senior players making basic skill errors and fumbling under minimal pressure. This flows down to the rest of the team. It’s the same senior players year on year doing the same things but never traded on.

I’m not convinced either on hiding Hartlett on the half back line like 2016 is a master stroke, he collected minimal ball and had negligible influence on the game.

Is it doom and gloom?


Young players like Bonner, Houston, Clurey, Atley, Impey etc showed promise, the first sign of senior player form drop.

We need to be more courageous and move the ball faster and honour all leading players whoever they are in better positions.

Game two we need to see what our new structures and game plan is. Is it ball retention? Is it fast ball movement? Is it direct but effective I50 delivery? Coaches I ask you know show your hand early for the sake of us supporters show us what 2017 is going to bring that is different?

One Response to "Let’s not paper over the cracks!"
  1. Jezalenko says:

    Would like to see us make a statement for rd2, similar to Melbourne.
    Culture in any sporting team is critical and right now senior players aren’t held accountable for consistent poor performance.
    Young players need to be made aware that no player has a gold ticket and spots must be earned.
    Hartlett, Hoff and Lobbe must play seconds if we want to develop a strong, team first mindset.

    PS – Late to the podcast, but loving it, great stuff!

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