Port v Weagles rnd 6 review

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Who is a stats lover here? Win the disposals, win the clearances. Dominate the tackles. If you heard that, you’d think, the team winning those statistic would have won the game.

However Port didn’t win the game, the Power finished just short of a triumphant Eagles outfit that came over with a plan and executed it.

The game answered questions for Adam Simpson’s Eagles, that they can serve it up to quality opposition and beat a challenging side, however it still leaves many questions for Hinkley’s hero’s.

Firstly the quarter fade outs are back to 2013 levels and with a vengeance. The team in 2015 when the going gets tough looks for someone to pull out the magic to get them over the line, instead of the team working as a team and cohesively working to a plan to win the game. New midfield coach Michael Voss, like Hinkley will have to answer some heated questions also. What happened to our midfield? The rucks were dominated throughout the whole game, Lobbe and Ryder could not contend with Nic Nat and Sinclair. It also appears the umpires are also allowing arms over the shoulder at the contest again.

West Coast played the same game as Port with extra numbers behind the ball, however executed it smarter. They used their extra numbers much more efficiently on the transition, with runners finding space and then able to find open targets inside 50, whereas for the Power forwards space was no luxury this week. All the key forwards had to hope for the big mark, with midfielders having difficulty finding the space to deliver the ball.

Take a bow Nathan Krakouer. Maginificnet game and ball use, his delivery and reading of the play was first class. Broadbent and Pittard were worked over however and didn’t have their usual influence. Kane Mitchel was a 4 quarter trier and had is break out game for 2015 with quality ball use and in and under pressure. Travis Boak seems to be missing a spark at the moment, Hamish Hartlett the same, Robbie Gray could have been the match winner, if tripping was actually paid.

Overall we got what we deserved, that was a kick in the butt, it’s not doom and gloom, we are one win away from equal second, the fans and players would just be disappointed with what could have been. We need to see more team consistency and 2015 will turn itself around.

Stay tuned for the radio show/podcast tonight at 8pm.

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