The Court of public opinion

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Jarman Impey made a mistake, a mistake that was dangerous, driving in an unsafe manner is no joke, fortunately for Jarman, the football club and its supporters no one was injured. However as on cue, the local press want to start the witch hunt on a Port Adelaide player. Should society condone reckless behavior? Of course not, only last month two juvenile’s horrendously killed a mother on the Southern Eastern express way through reckless driving, dangerous driving has severe ramifications. Fortunately for Impey the consequences weren’t as severe.

In Jarman’s defense he is a young man with a lot going on. No mother and recently losing his father, Jarman is clearly grieving and not making the best decisions. People need to consider the psychological state of a person before wanting to hang, draw and quarter. What Jarman needs at this time is accountability by his peer’s and support from the greater community. I’m sure Jarman realizes the severity of his actions or potential damage it could have done to others and to his career. A strong football club will surround Jarman with education programs for him to learn, accountability programs so he realizes that careers can be cut short through ill-discipline and lives can be lost when the roads are peoples play grounds!

The club acknowledges it’s stupid, the playing group acknowledges it’s stupid and Jarman issued an apology acknowledging his errors. Let’s see how Jarman Impey learns from this mistake before we decide to lash him for eternity!

Rick Nieuwenhoven Director of Port Fan Radio, the views are of Rick’s alone and not of any organization.

One Response to "The Court of public opinion"
  1. Kerry says:

    Thanks for this even handed summation Rick. It is a welcome contrast to the vindictive coverage seen and heard elsewhere. It reminds me of what decent, objective commentary can contribute in these circumstances.
    Kind Regards

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