The Sky is falling, the sky is falling

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Is the sky falling? No not really, tricked you guys. For some of us it does feel like it. Why is this? This is because we had massive expectations. The club had massive expectations. What happens when expectations aren’t met? There is disappointment. Look at Hawthorn supporters, they too will be disappointed but at least they can rest easy with 2 premierships under their belt in 2 years.

So what is going on? Some astute supporters have identified we are struggling against negative tactics. I agree with this. We are a good side, I hope the team keeps believing. However we are not living up the the challenge of negativity. How can I argue this? We beat attacking side Hawthorn, we beat attacking North and Adelaide. The counter attacking ultra defensive sides we are not. There is an anomaly, that anomaly is we should have beaten Fremantle! So what is going on?

Against Freeo, when they sat back with extra numbers, we played a slick, efficient possession game plan. We continued to maintain possession, like the great Hawthorn side does until we found a free player. This took away the number advantage those flooding teams had numerically over us in the forward line. Then if we won a centre clearance we ran hard with even numbers.

Against the lessor teams we have appeared to go into full uber attack mode. We are attempting our aggressive switch very early, with teams matching up one on one with our switch players reducing our time for clear possession. If we do break we are lacking forwards in front of the ball, how many times did we kick to space? This is fine trying to play long ball, but when teams are flooding numbers back it’s almost impossible to win.

We won the hit outs, we won the clearances, possessions are even, but we are not using it at all well, our decision making is poor our whole coaching group is poor at the moment. This is why Ken is trusting his players in as he knows it’s the coaches fault as much as the players.

I feel this is what will happen, more pain, we will loose to the Demons, but don’t panic, after the Demons, we have games against more attacking teams Dogs, Cats, Pies. These games we will win, these teams with an attacking mindset will allow us to play our game our way. What we do need is the keep the faith and keep showing up, the wheel will turn and the boys will push hard for finals, we may not be top, but we can still put up the fight.


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